Age Appropriate Well Adult/Screening Recommendations:

Young Adults

Immunizations, school and college physicals

All Adults

Annual yearly physicals, labs, wellness screening, immunizations, pap smears, breast exams, tobacco/alcohol/substance abuse screen, depression screen, STD screen, Domestic violence screen, contraception advice, weight management advice

Adult Vaccines: DTaP, Td, HiB, HepA, HepB, HPV, Flu, MMR, MCV, pneumonia,Chicken pox, Shingles


35+ years

Above, plus checks for cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes,

40+ years

Above plus routine mammograms


50+ years

Above plus screening for colon cancer (Eg;colonoscopy once then every 10 years). Prostate cancer screen if applicable. 


60+ years

All above plus Shingles vaccine


65+ years

All above plus osteoporosis screen(check for bone weakness), pneumonia vaccine, Aorta scan for AAA, assess fall risk

In any of the above screenings - you may be required to do them earlier than above if you have risk factors or family history, talk to your doctor.


If you have chronic diseases like:


High blood pressure : Labs every six months and yearly eye exam and screning for heart disease


Diabetes: Labs every 3-6 months, foot exam every six months and a yearly eye exam and screening for cholesterol and heart disease.


​Sleep Medicine


Excessive Daytime Sleepiness

Restless leg symptoms

Sleep Apnea



Sleep walking/talking/eating
​Violent behavior in sleep​

Internal Medicine:
Adult health maintainance
Medical weight loss
Medical nutrition therapy
Acute care for flu, cough, sinusitis etc.
High blood pressure
Cholesterol problems
Chronic Bronchitis
Pre-Operative Evaluation​

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